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Welcome to the Erasmus+ project GBT

The Games in Basic Skills Teaching project is an Erasmus+ project that focuses on the use
of analog and digital games in Basic Skills Teaching settings. We brought games to
teaching these specific target groups due to the fact that games add valuable aspects to
teaching. Games change the classroom they are used in. They can create immersive worlds
and offer challenging tasks while at the same time bring a new form of interaction to the
learning process. They are skills-oriented and emphasize soft skills like communication
and collaboration. Games can motivate students who might be otherwise hard to motivate
and they bring fun to the process of learning. They offer ideal circumstances to the
process of learning based on psychology and recent learning theories, like Gee’s learning
principles, the concept of Flow or the theory of the Zone of Proximal Development and
self-determination theory. As the target groups and the learner profiles, as well as the
equipment and the settings in the different classes, differed so much from each other,
there was a wide range of diverse games and playful approaches used as well. The project
used analog as well as digital games, it applied approaches from basic role playing and
card games all the way to VR games and AR applications with game-like elements.

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