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Games Institute Austria


Verein Spielmacher and the Games Institute Austria

Verein Spielmacher is a registered association in Austria that brings together professionals and people interested in using games in new contexts like education or   professional development. It was founded in 2017 and the Games in Basic Skills Teaching project is its first major project to contribute to. The expertise in Spielmacher is in strong connection to Games Institute Austria.

Games Institute Austria is a company located in Vienna, Austria, that works in the field of game-based learning and gamification. It was founded in 2015 and has since then developed a reputation of being one of Europe’s leading companies in this area. The Games Institute explains the field in talks and articles, trains teachers in seminars and workshops and has developed several services and products like Escape Rooms for education and professional development (including the Games Institute’s own Best Case Escape Room Case), skill assessment in games with our assessment tools GIST (Game Informed Self-Evaluation Tool) and SkillEDU (similar to GIST, but focussed on students approaching the end of their school career), Esports Education and Educational Game Design. We partner with other specialist companies in the respective fields like Seppo or Learn2Esport to bring the best gaming-related learning experiences to companies and educational institutions all over the world.

The Games Institute staff combine 15+ years in teaching, UI/UX design, business consulting and decades of experience in gaming, gaming culture and esports. By this, we can offer authentic and relevant experiences to the gamers themselves as well as translate and transfer the relevant aspects of gaming to our customers and society in general.

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