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What we have learned from the project

Here in Platon schools we are very happy to be a part of this project. Our students learned by playing and our teachers realized that using games in the educational procedure is not so difficult and at the same time it is so enlightening for the students.

The co-creation of the escape room was something different and knew for both teachers and students. The students had to get deeper to understand how to create the riddles and at the same time the teacher had to step back and just be there when needed. The teachers said that it was very “strange” for them to have this kind of role inside the class. As said before, something new for both students and teachers.

The Keep talking and nobody explodes was different. It was a game. The students had “just” to play it “but” to communicate in English. They were happy because the were playing a game, and a competitive one because they were playing against the other teams of students, and they learned English without understanding that they do. The teachers said that they could see the students enjoy the class and they even noticed an enhance in students’ motivation for the class.

Games are fun. Learning should be fun also. That it is why we must use games inside the class and in the learning procedure in general if we want to succeed as teachers.


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