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What have we learnt?

FØNIX has learned that educational games provide good opportunities to facilitate and adapt, create active learning, and make collaboration safer. We have learned that within an educational setting, entertainment games can serve as an inclusive learning activity.
Fønix has a strategy to implement more games in the future, as we consider this to be an important tool within our two major target groups: language learning for adult migrants and as part of our basic skills training programs for adults in working life.
By using educational games, students, with different backgrounds, get to contribute their strengths to a joint work with fellow students. Games also provide a combination of written, visual, and auditory training that for many will be motivating and supportive in learning activities.
The main target- and resource base for our participation in the GBT-project has been our work with migrants under The Introduction Programme in Norway. This is also the main target group that has achieved most practical use – with multiple different programs and methodologies – like the output from the GBT project.
The transfer value of the experiences and knowledge the teachers have gained through the GBT project is extra important now since the municipality of Sandefjord has taken over the Introduction Programme from January 1st, 2022.
The teachers involved in the programme from Fønix follow over to the municipal adult education and is thus part of a much larger learning environment. This will ensure that our teachers’ competence in game-based teaching will continue to develop in a larger learning environment for the benefit of even more teachers and students in the future.



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