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Conferenza della Svizzera i taliana per l a f ormazionecontinua degli adulti Lugano


CFC, Lugano

By participating in the GBT project, the CFC was looking for new ways to develop and implement innovative approaches to promote the recovery of basic skills in the target public. In particular, CFC was interested in acquiring information and competences on developing innovative training/learning approaches trying to avoid traditional “classroom methodologies” and experimenting with new forms of non-formal and informal learning, including the use of games and digital technologies.

For these reasons, CFC was particularly interested in participating in the project. Thanks to the collaboration and exchange with the partners of the GBT consortium, CFC Team was able to acquire information and competences developed in other countries and then share and disseminate it in Switzerland among the stakeholders involved in training in this specific sector.

The CFC offered its experience and expertise in the field of adult education and training of trainers and participated with interest in the project activities. It also shared the products developed during the project and discussed them with its partners in Switzerland, collecting feedback and suggestions which were then made available to the European partnership.

The training of trainers who are active in the field of teaching to audiences with few basic skills, as well as the use of new learning methods with target audiences who find it difficult to approach training, are highly topical issues in Switzerland. The materials produced during the project and in particular the training programme for trainers “changing the game” have therefore met with great interest among the CFC local partners and will be further disseminated and exploited after the end of the project.





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