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Universal Learning Systems


Universal Learning Systems

Is an international consultancy firm specializing in research, education,  training and project management. ULS undertakes projects for a number of
clients in the educational, development and management sectors. Based in Ireland, ULS also has offices in Prague, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Helsinki, São Paulo and Chicago.

The ULS focus is on professional development with a particular emphasis on work-based learning. ULS works in Ireland, Europe, China and the United States with a wide range of clients: these include universities, open learning institutions, schools, employers and community associations. It has particular expertise in learning around transformative education, disability and rehabilitation, e-learning, diversity, interculturalism, immigration, conflict resolution and strategic management. ULS has extensive experience
of promotion of educational and learning innovation. It works closely with community stakeholders, adult education and employer networks. ULS has particular experience with post-graduate distance learning initiatives in change management and sustainable professional development. It is centrally involved in work based learning initiatives to promote employee growth and competence. ULS focuses on pro-active strategic planning for innovative learning and is actively involved in a wide range of evaluation projects.

ULS has a leading profile in EU distance learning and e-learning innovation networks. ULS has particular experience in project evaluation and quality assurance. ULS has developed an extensive range of e-learning courses in the security and pharmacy sectors in Finland in association with its partner company, ChangeLearning. ULS has experience of working with schools in developing enhanced engagement with teachers, communities and parents. ULS has developed human rights and diversity training for police training
colleges in Ireland and Europe. Dr. Bruce of ULS is a member of the New Security Forum in Berlin and of the Garda National Diversity Strategy Board in Ireland.

ULS bases its work on the identification and development of opportunities for innovative learning competence to address future challenges. Capturing this innovation has become a key focus for ULS projects in recent years around advanced technologies and their application to human learning needs. Through its expertise on disability, migration and interculturalism, ULS has developed robust training methods and guidelines based on
individual and community learning and development needs – particularly in a time of socio-economic crisis.

ULS has particular expertise in research, project management and innovative initiatives on migration, intercultural training and conflict transformation – with a strong track record of program development in Kosovo, Euzkadi, Bosnia, Catalonia, Romania, Cyprus, Palestine and Northern Ireland. ULS has also undertaken significant educational and training projects on fundamental rights and diversity management. ULS is Academic Adviser to the Conflicts of Interest program delivered by Expac in Northern Ireland and delivers the new Future Resolutions program developed by Expac and validated by Queens University Belfast. ULS is a member of the Association for Historical Dialogue and Research in Cyprus.

It has designed and delivered conflict transformation training (including mediation skills) to client agencies throughout Northern Ireland and the Border Counties of the Republic. In 2014 ULS concluded an academic convention and agreement with UOC, the Open University of Catalonia, in Barcelona for shared development of conflict resolution courses in the Campus for Peace and for joint postgraduate program development.

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